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Research station in Tirschitz

Research Tirschitz hop station was established in 1953. It was a reaction to the growing area of ​​plantations in the area and the need to address problems of growing hops in Moravia at the higher level professionally. Activity stations followed the activities Hop Society for Moravia, which was founded in Tirschitz in 1883. Its members were among others interested in experimentation and research, as evidenced by the establishment of experimental hop garden in 1886 to have carried out experiments with food hops.

The main task of the station was initially involve new growers to grow hops. Together with developed CISTA station Tirschitz exact plan bailout hop practice. Another of the tasks in the station VÚCHEM Tirschitz the verification results of the work of all departments in Saaz VÚCHEM research and implementation of these results into practice (agricultural engineering, nutrition hops). The station also dealt with various tasks in cooperation with other institutes (Agricultural Economics Research Institute in Prague [zoning hops produced in Czech Republic, with the Research Institute in Pohořelice feed [chmeliny use for feed], with the State testing of agricultural machines in Brno [testing new types of machines ]. in the area of ​​verification of the effectiveness of new insecticides against APHIS cooperates hop station CISTA in Brno since 1972. research Station. Long-term good cooperation with the research practices hop bearing fruit in the form of good varietal composition and age structure throughout Tirschitz hop growing region, which is reflected in the favorable high yields of quality hops.


Ing. Ivo Klapal
head of research station

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