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Research farm in Steknik

The special purpose farm is an integral part of the Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd., Žatec. This is an agricultural farm especially focused on hop growing. All Czech hop varieties, used for both commercial and research purposes, are grown here. In the experimental hop gardens, newly bred hybrids and some foreign varieties are grown for large-area field tests. In other hop gardens, nutrition and agricultural trials are run, and various types of artificial irrigation and growing technologies are tested. In the remaining part of arable land, hop production is supplemented by the production of cereals, oilseeeds andt other plants.

Another important activity is the production of hop seedlings for growers in the hop growing areas in the CR. Seedlings of all of the Czech registered hop varieties are produced both in the form of grower packages and bare-rooted. Using sanitation processes, they are free of economically harmful viruses and viroids. The production process also includes sorting seedlings into qualitative classes and distribution to consumers.


Ing. Jaroslav POKORNÝ, Ph.D.
Head of research farm

Phone: +420 415 735 865

Ivana Sedláčková

Pavel Kozlovský
Hop grower

Petr Bydlo

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