Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Bohemia Hop, a.s., in collaboration with the Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic and CHMELAŘSTVÍ, cooperative Žatec are preparing

the 4th year of competition of the best hopped beer by KAZBEK variety

in two categories:

1. Upper fermented ALE

2. Bottom fermented LAGER

The style of individual beers is not limited, but the condition is to use a minimum of 50% of Kazbek variety for hopping, other hopping is not limited.

No entry fees for beer samples.
Registration until February 29th 2024.
Beer samples until April 5th 2024 in a minimum volume of 15 l

Beers will be judged by blind tasting method by an expert panel, composed of participated brewery representatives, specialists in hop and brewing industry. Evaluation system (1 or 2 rounds, final) will be dependent on a number of registered beer samples. The main criteria will be a pleasant and balanced taste, aroma, bitterness, impression of aftertaste and the overall preference of evaluated beer.

The term of beer tasting, evaluation and awarding

April 10th 2024

Žatec (Saaz), assembly hall of Hop Research Institute


1st place

20 kg variety SAAZ SHINE P90
20 kg variety PREMIANT P90

2nd place

10 kg variety SAAZ SHINE P90
10 kg variety PREMIANT P90

3rd place

10 kg variety SAAZ SHINE P90

of beers to Kazbek Cup 2024 competition

Please, send to e-mail:

Kazbek Cup 2024 (*.doc)

Kazbek Cup 2024 (*.pdf)


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